Hello All;

I am new to this fourm but I have owned my 76 Mirage for quite a few years now.

A few months ago I parked the car in the gargae and under a car cover. At that time the car ran perfect. Three weeks ago I went to start the car and the battery was toasted so I installed a new one. The engine turns over just fine. And it even starts while the key is in the cranking position. However; when the key is in the RUN position the engine dies.

I have checked the fuel and it is not bad from sitting. I have also checked the fuel pumps and they are providing the correct pressure. The fuel filter is new.

Occroding to the 76 fuel injection shop manual supplement the problem is either the oolent sensor or the 12 (black/yellow) ignition signal wire has problems.

I measured the resistance on the sensor and it reads about 1k ohms which is within range. The ignition signal wire has the correct voltage when hte key is in the RUN position. I even unpluged the ECM and made sure that all the connections were clean and making good contact.

Finally, I poured gas down the throttle plates and as long as I did this the engine would stay running even in the RUN posiition. This made me think the problem was with the fuel injectors themselved. But then, why would the car start without me pouring raw gasoline in the manafold? Once the engine gets hot, it will not start without raw gas being poured directly into the manafold.

Anyone with any idea on what the cause of this problem is, please contact me ASAP. I want to get this car out and start showing it

Thank You in Advance;


Michael D.

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