OK...I have replaced the carb on this baby...and the wires and the plugs and rotor etc..and have the idle at a good point..the instructions for setting the timing are under the hood...all simple enough until you get to the one where you plug a vacuum line...if i check the timing its at 16 tdc...sussposed to be 20 tdc..if i plug the vacume line that is connected to the air cleaner the timing mark is nowhere to be found..so here is the question is that the vacume line i am sussposed to plug the one going to the aircleaner temp thing???.im no mechanic..but i try... and i can't seem to find the bolt to lossen to move the dist..minor prob ill find it..but my hands are big and its hard....if anyone knowes the proper way to set the timing please let me know..i have the instructions but i dont know which vacuum line to plug..thanks Blotto