Hi have a 1998 fleetwood 307 olds motor 92000 mile. recently i changed the oil twice because it was black. btw, i just bought it, and b4 it was bought it was used for around town driving. i changed oil, sprayed out carb, and put tectron in. after spraying carb i got in to find the oil light on. raced it up, and the oil light went out. i changed oil again, and no change. went to my friends shop put a mechanical gauge on it. it was 6 psi at idle, 15psi with racing it up. so i changed the oil pump, and sending unit. also pulled rod bearings to check if they washed out. no wash out. the freaky part was: i let the car warm up slowly to temp, put it in gear, and the light comes back on. check with gauge 15psi, at idle 30psi, on rev about 2500rpms. so know we figure ok, oil pressure not that great, but it will do. so we play with the idle to get the light to go out. now idle is to high. so we're going to back it off, but what about this light. im thinking short circuit. maybe port to the sender parshall blockage or cat causing back pressure? any ideas will help. i would like to restore this one, but want to make it through the winter. maybe put that 4.9 or Lt1, 327, or 350. dont know yet thanks guys, any help would be appreciated ur friend JOCADDY ps, does anybody know the normal oil pressure for this car? thx, have a great day... THIS STINKS! :banghead2