ive got a 91 d'elegance. was driving the other day and a huge cloud of smoke comes from the radiator then dissapears. i pull over open the hood and theres about half a cup of radiator fluid over the top of the radiator panel and down in the fan shroud. i can hear some hissing noises and the over flow container is at the full mark.

i take it home, take the panel off but cant see where the radiator is leaking .all the hoses are good and tight.

also on the overflow containter the 2nd hose .(not the one that is attached under the rad cap) is unhooked. where does this go?

also. does this radiator have the condenser attached to it?

i want to upgrade this radiator but not sure what to buy. i see there are 2 hardlines comming out of it and then the regular hoses.

any help would be much appreciated. this car is soon going under a major over haul and i need it to run good in the mean time.