I'll give some history behind this Roadmaster Estate:

It's a 1996 with 56,000 miles on it. A friend of mine bought it for $750 at the Goodwill auto auction with 44,000 miles on the clock. The previous owner had smacked the front end into a pole. The interior is basically immaculate and there was only bumper, fender, and hood damage.

My friend bought the front end off a sedan that had been wrecked in the rear and we rebuilt it.

I am using as an apartment maintenance vehicle that replaced a 2003 Chevy Avalanche till I move Germany. So it's primary duty is just hauling tools around town at fairly low speeds. 2,500 RPM is a busy day for this car. It also has the towing package. I'm getting terrible mileage right now, but hope to correct that soon with some basic maintenance items that have been neglected.

Pictures of the rebuild process can be found at Rebuilding the Battlewagon