Fairly easy to tell which too, look down the primaries, and look for the venturii ring, if you see a bulge in it, then it is a 800, if you see the ring with no bulge, then it is a 750. IIRC it is a screw boss.

Jim Hand has some good Q-Jet tweaks too on his that shows improvement on the flow bench (yeah, he has his own!), http://www.pontiacstreetperformance....455jh2006.html, and easy ones for anyone to make it they really want to see improvements in airflow on the Q-Jet. Smoother airflow coming into the carb and aircleaner is always welcome and highly recommended. Even a 307 will respond to these type mods. Considering he runs 11.5's on 3.31 gears with a 474 CID engine with a mild 224/234 duration cam is QUITE respectable. And shifts around 5500-5600 too, so he isn't spinning the snot out of the engine doing it. This is a very streetable engine too. Wouldn't it be great to go spanking with a wagon on the street with this???