I ordered a Cadillac CTS Turbo tune from Trifecta a few days ago and got it loaded this week. I did a few runs at WOT on a "closed track" the night before and then loaded the tune in the morning after. I then went back out to the same "closed track" and ran a couple more times at WOT. I have to say from the seat of the pants the car is a lot faster! It was surprising to feel that much of a difference. The throttle response is great now, without that bit of pedal travel where it feels like its not doing anything. The car also doesn't gear hunt anymore or that transmission vagueness where the transmission feels like its constantly fighting you.

The only thing that I did not like is that the software loads fairly slow. It took about 10 minutes and maybe I should have started with a full charge on the laptop; I actually ran out of battery on the laptop while loading the tune.

After charging up the laptop again, I tried to reload the tune into the car and the Trifecta program said that it detected an interrupted flash attempt and just started right up. Mental note to self the next time I'll start with a full charge before I do anything like this. I really thought I bricked the car but I'm glad someone at Trifecta bothered to include this in there.

I'll be putting the car on the dyno soon if the dyno shop near me will get me an appointment and see what numbers it puts down.