I attended the Chicago show last Sunday and visited several vehicle sites that I was interested in. I visited Hyundai to look at the 2015 Genesis (a lot of bang for the buck) where someone spent about a half hour one on one explaining the car features options and answered many of my questions. There were also people from the factory to answer technical questions and I had some. The Hyundai area was jamed with people. I also went to BMW, Mercedes Ford, Chevrolet and again the areas were full of lookers and people were available to answer questions and "sell" the cars. When I went to Cadillac looking forward to ask questions about the 2014 CTS I saw very few on display and no one was available to review the vehicle features. The area was not even that busy. All that was there was a couple of models talking about the ATS coupe and the concept large sedan. There was someone passing out brochures at a desk but that was about it. I went back later in the afternoon thinking I missed something but it was the same. Very disapointing.