Dear Cadillac,

I have always loved your "Season's Best" commercials with the Christmas tie in, the snow, the made sense. This year is a real disapointment. I have seen two new ads-one for the SRX and one for the ATS. Both are pretty lame. They both tell funny stories, but dont focus much on either car. Then, while you sit on the Motor Trend Car of the Year, and possible North American Car of the Year, I have only seen 1 commercial. What gives?? All the luxury brands pull out all the stops at this time of year, but you guys really flubbed it up. Wouldnt it have been great to "give the gift of the all-new Cadillac CTS"? If there is no "season" in "Season's Best", come up with something better, please. And get the word out with CTS!! It is an amazing car that you tend to forget about.