A lot of sport cars and supercars have bright calipers with some logos or brand names like Brembo, Wilwood, etc. These MGP caliper covers will give your vehicle the same sportish look for less money. They are designed to clip on top of your stock calipers. Installation is not complicated at all. It's much easier than painting, plus you can get some logo / engraving.

Fits on the following model years: 2014 (We also have them for other year models).

You can also get them custom painted and select any custom engraving for extra cost.

Check prices for your model and see other details here: Cadillac CTS Caliper Covers | Caliper Cover Kits

MGP® - Caliper Covers with Cadillac / CTS Engraving

MGP® - Caliper Covers with Cadillac Cursive Engraving

MGP® - Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving

You can also check their presentation video: MGP Caliper Covers - Introduction - YouTube

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