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For some reason pulling the trigger on the new V2 has become a much more difficult decision for me than I expected. For me, not just a close to new E60 M5 is now at price parity, but others too ... there is a lot to choose from when you're in the $70K neighborhood. I think as others have said - the combination of the economic environment, crazy stock market etc. is making it REALLY hard for me to pay full MSRP for the V2 right now. When compared against the M5 (which is a largely appropriate comparison), the V2 is a bargain ... but $70K is $70K.

You are correct on this point. I have never paid MSRP or over for any car I have owned. Lets face it they are bad investments. I don't care how "hot" the car is I will wait for a discount and in this environment I'm sure it will not take long before the V2 is available for at least a few grand under MSRP.