Hi guys,

Some of you know I've played music as a very serious hobby for over 25 years now.

The guitarist in my old band (Justin) and I decided to start a project together with two of us living in two different provinces. (Ontario and Nova Scotia) The name of our project is Good Citizen.

We recorded the tracks individually ourselves and sent them back and forth for editing, mixing and final mastering. Here is the result of our first effort

Have a listen and please click like if you enjoy the tune. We have it up on the various music sites (iTunes, Google Play, etc) if you're interested in downloading it for your car/music player



Would love to hear your thoughts! We have it lined up to go on Halifax radio (105fm) and are going to work to get it on Edge 102.1 and 97.7 here in Ontario.

It's a good driving song in the V