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Thread: Color question

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    Re: Color question

    Quote Originally Posted by larry arizona View Post
    Did you know that the most expensive process in making a car is painting it? If you ever witnessed the painting process and see what it takes to run a paintshop it is down right mind boggling. Throw in booths, ovens, energy usage for heating or cooling and humidification to hold a steady 70F and 70%RH enviroment and then throw in the handling of paint waste and enviromental containment of paint effluence and its $$$$$$$. So I understand that given the same paint color run in a low volume plant like Lansing Grand River and a high volume plant like Lordstown (cruze) and I can see the cost difference. Plus GM makes no profit on small cars like cruzes and does make money on a V or CTS for that matter.
    That cost is already built-into the car with the base colors though. The $995 is buying the special paint and 1 more coat.

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    Re: Color question

    They got to make their money somewhere by marking premium colors up. Tricoat is base color with metallic, tinted clear coat with pearl, and clear coat on top.

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    Re: Color question

    I saw the red on a '12 coupe at one of our local dealerships, it is a reanice color. We have 2 other red cars so I'm picky about reds, this one is definitely sharp. Perhaps it doesn't look as good on the sedan or wagon, I can't comment about that. Seems like there are plenty of red wagons on the used car market.

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    Re: Color question

    Maybe as more of them get older, we'll see repaints to fit personal preferences.

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    Re: Color question

    Another point to consider is that solid colors may not look particularly good on the CTS, not counting black, which always looks good. It has to do with the gentle, large radius curves of the body, and the relative lack of hard lines on the body sides to give more "shape". The metallics (and black) use light to enhance the lines of the car in a way that other solid colors generally don't. I agree that the G8 looked great in solid red, but it's lines and flatter body panels allowed it. Same for the Camaro. The Porsche 993 generally looked dead in solid red and white, while previous generations looked great in those colors with the same basic body. The difference was that the front and rear fenders were more bulbous (but still very sexy) on the 993, while they were relatively flat and with a pronounced lip on the older cars. The doors, hood, and roof line were the same, yet the effect was very different, all due to the fender lines. The light playing off the metallics and black helped define those large radius curves, but wasn't necessary on the flatter, older cars.

    If you haven't seen the V in red, go find one. They are plentiful. It is almost a candy apple effect, and looks sporting yet rich on such a large car. It does tend to go maroon at dusk, but so does solid red.

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    Re: Color question

    Crystal Red is really striking--I was torn between that and the Thunder Gray. I decided that my license would be under enough pressure with a 556hp V8 so I went with the stealthier color.

    FWIW, John Manoogian (retired Studio Chief for the 2008-present CTS) has a Thunder Gray V-sedan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M5eater

    It is.

    It's still a deep and textured color though, I can understand the want for something more traditional.

    Just like I wanted a damn solid white, not that stupid diamond tri-coat that they have.
    Agreed. I'd love to see a V1 in Arctic white...

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