Does anyone have details on the brake package that will be available? I know I saw some info here earlier, but the info seemed to be more speculation. Is anyone out there able to answer a few questions. Thanks in advance.

1. What is the cost of the upgrade?
2. Is the upgrade for brakes only? or is it a performance package that includes some other things? (I heard one rumor the rear diff cooling package may be bundled with the brakes as a "performance package"
3. I have read a bit about slotted verses non-slotted, and how the venting may help on a track, but what does it do for me as a daily driver? Will I be replacing very expensive pads more or less often?
4. I plan on 5 or 6 track days a year. Is it a total waste of $$ and would I notice the difference as a novice driver?

5. Sorry this one is silly, but I'd still like your opinions. Will the bright red calipers look silly on a thunder grey with standard wheels? I picture a very stealthly looking profile in a classic grey color and these bright red things that would disturb the picture the way a great picture of smiling faces is ruined by "redeye". Am I crazy?

Thanks everyone.