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Thread: Is CTS-V safe from budget cuts?

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    Re: Is CTS-V safe from budget cuts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jpjr View Post
    ...survival is at stake. It is the next gen Cobalts of the world that will save GM.
    So was this...

    And this...

    And this...

    And this...

    And recently this...(Getting closer but still lacking something - Oh yeah, the dealership...)


    Turn on the TV, open a newspaper, turn on the radio - What does one see and hear? TOYota TOYota, TOYota.

    Marketing 101. Toyota doesn't necessarily build better cars; but they know how to market them. GM has been getting beat into submission for decades in this area and still haven't figured it out.

    Closing truck plants doesn't fix anything. They need to stay open to put the death nail in the coffin of import trucks. It's like George Castanza - GM needs to think of a plan and then do the opposite.

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    Re: Is CTS-V safe from budget cuts?

    Someone at GM needs to realize they can't save their way into a profit. Finding ways to cut fat is necessary, but it's good marketing and good product that will continue changing things.

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    Re: Is CTS-V safe from budget cuts?

    The worst thing to do when a business is in trouble is to cut or skimp on advertising. If anything, it's a time to increase advertising and marketing. You can cut costs all you want but how are you going to profit when there's no revenue?

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    Re: Is CTS-V safe from budget cuts?

    Quote Originally Posted by CIWS View Post
    GM's statements to the press all along is that the CTS-V will see production numbers that would be LIMITED to about 7000 units annually. Now perhaps you have a different definition of what limited production means. But to GM it means they're are only going to build up to a certain number annually, not unlimited. So pardon me if I choose to listen to what they say to the public / press over your opinion of it.

    "Production on the new CTS V-Series will start in September of 2008, and will be limited to about 7000 units annually. Internally, GM is referring to the car as "GMX322 V S/C."

    "MILFORD, Mich. - As final testing of the limited-edition 2009 CTS-V nears completion, the results suggest that Cadillac's upcoming sports sedan is entering the stratosphere of the world's highest-performing cars. Cadillac announces the following performance specifications for all-new 2009 CTS-V:"

    Known internally as "GMX322 V S/C", the 2009 CTS-V will likely begin production in September of 2008 and reach a maximum of 7,000 units per year."

    "CTS-V production should get under way in fall 2008 and will be limited to about 7000 units annually."

    I agree it is limited production. I do not know what the max capacity is at the plant from a production mix point of view but I have to think it is similar to running a convertible where you often cannot build 2 back to back. Then the sport wagons and coupes are coming along very quickly on top of the V.

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