Went to the Fort Worth auto show and talked to the Caddy reps about the V. From them - Cadillac wants to keep the price close to the V1. A couple of mt thoughts from that

1. At best I would assume base V2 price would start near top V1 price.
2. These reps are not very informed, since they had no idea BT was coming in April and they were baffled I knew this. I told them to check out this website for up to the minute details
3. Knowing #2 is true, #1 is probably false

I also spent some time talking with Audi guys. First off the S5 is just beautiful and is the coupe to beat now, IMO. On another note the new A4 is creaping up on the CTS. The new A4 (2009) was not there, but we talked some on it. I have seen some blurbs on the Interweb about the A4, but have not paid attention. It is going to be 2" wider and 5" longer, with a 6" longer wheelbase. When done being stretched it comes in 1.3" shorter than the A6 wheelbase. I have never been an Audi(sedan) fan, but one thing I liked and something I would love added to the CTS - a twin turbo direct injected V6 in the S4. This is not official(to my knowledge), but the rumors are the 4.2L V8 will be replaced with the TTDI V6. It would be sweet if Cadillac would squeeze a 350ish HP V6 in between the 3.6DI and LSA. It could be a nice balance of HP/MPG.