IMO, I agree the 10" coupe wheels extend out too much when installed on a sedan. When you then add the new 19" M/T's they fill the wheel well even more completely and IMO take away from the look of the car. I considered removing some material on the mounting surface of the 10" wheels to set them inward but there is not sufficient material on the wheel to do so. It would be way too thin and compromise the wheel strength.

I went back to another new set of stock 9.5" sedan wheels and the look is much better with 19" M/T's. The tires do really need a wider wheel but when you drop the pressure to 20 psi it loads out the tread contact surface of the tire back to near 100% so it should be fine, and even better under a launch where the tire is loaded more. Just at 35-40psi these tires pull up and you only get the center 70% of the tread contact patch on the road.