Are our CTS seat cushions made in the USA or in China? Seat cushions going bad, is a problem that most CTS owners are now having, had, or will have in the near future. Is the CTS the only car in the Cadillac lineup that is having seat problem? I have never noticed any SRX, Escalade, STS or even the 1st generation cts with our seat problems. Does anyone know if these conditions exist with these vehicles? Cadillac seats has always been one of the trade marks of Cadillac for their comfort,ride and the ability to out last the life of the car. In the old days, guys would get Cadillac seats from salvage yards and adapt them to fit whatever they owned. In my life time I have owned four Cadillacs, along with other GM products such as Buicks, Pontiacs, Chevrolets and a couple Corvettes. Never had any seat cushion problems at all, except for this CTS.

There's only one company that makes all the seats for Cadillac,(and other GM products) the seat arrives at the plant at the exact time it is needed for that one car it is intended for. Watched a TV show on how car seats were made and was quiet interesting. They showed how the covers were sewed, installing bladders for lumbar and heaters for heated seat. It was cadillac CTS seats being made, as a matter of fact. They never went into detail about the cushion at all. Just wondering, Who actually makes the foam cushions, US or China?


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