First off I gotta say that I'm not a cadillac owner. I like em!...just dont own one. That said I am a 2010 Camaro V6 owner and as most of you probably know, the Camaro V6 is the same engine found in the CTS V6.

Of course we are all chomping at the bit for the best bang for our buck performance upgrades. Intake and exhaust seem to be the starting point for most everyone but nobody (at least from what I've seen on the Camaro5 forums) is seeing gains like what were shown in the link below that was posted awhile back on this site. (see link below). Camaro V6 owners are seeing anywhere from 5 to 20 HP and TQ gains...but definitely not 31!

3.6L DI motor gains over 31 rwhp!!!
(Ok sorry, I tried to post the link here but forum rules have stated that I cannot post a link since I've only just joined this site, but search the above title here and you will find the thread)

I'd appreciate it if I could get some feedback regarding this thread and find out if other CTS owners out there are seeing gains like this, because from what I can tell, Camaro owners certainly are not seeing these gains at the rear wheels! (by the way, I noticed the dyno images say "fly wheel torque" and "fly wheel power". Maybe thats the reason?)