So feel free to beat up the new guy but saw some informative stuff on similar posts and deem it worth a shot. Been scanning these boards and researching, have a good idea what I want but thought I'd bounce it around and get some feedback.

I want the 2009 CTS 4door, 3.6L DI, diamond white w tan interior, performance package for the sunroof, fogs, leather, etc. then mod to the V front bumper. Plan to storm troop it out, black out all the chrome and black wheels. Heard a lot about needing a catch can on that version.

Any recommendations? Anything y'all feel like I should consider or am missing? General tips, things I should look for/ask at the dealer?
Anybody w theirs set up similar that could throw up some pics for me I would really appreciate. I drive a ton for work and would hope to keep it for awhile. Thanks in advance for response.