The time has about arrived when I will have to replace the OEM tires on my 2011 Premium Coupe. The original set consists of Continental High Performance summer tires with the rear somewhat larger than the front to accommodate the car's suspension system. One issue I have had, especially in colder weather, is a disturbing front end "clunk" as I back and turn simultaneously. I have been informed by many in this forum as well as by my dealer that the phenomenon is cause by the soft rubber used in the summer tires and is NOT a front end problem.

With this in mind I have begun the process of replacing the OE tires with a new set that would at minimum help mitigate the periodic noise issue. I have had recommendations by several knowledgeable friends that the new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 3 tires would be an excellent choice. As these tires are quite new to the market, I wondered if anyone on the forum had installed them yet and with what results.