This is on a 2008. Text warning on in IP are Traction off, All Wheel Drive off, Service Brake Assist, Service Stabilitrac. Lights on are ABS, Trac off. I picked up a Innova 3160b Scanner. It reads
C0040 code with this listed under it
1. Right Front Whell Sensor circuit eratic
2.Right front wheel sensor malfuntion
3.Right front wheel speed circuit signal amplitude < minimum
4.Right front wheel speed sensor circuit

I ordered a new a/c delco wheel sensor from Rock Auto. I cleared the code and it all came back.
The part number they gave me was 22897414. The original was 25878148. Could this be the problem?
What should I attempt to check next.

After clearing the code and the first time pressing the brakes I can feel the anti lock kicking in.