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Thread: How to Enter a CTS With a Dead Battery ? :(

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    Re: How to Enter a CTS With a Dead Battery ? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Judge View Post
    Thank you for helping a senile (and apparently blind) old coot across the street (or in this case into his trunk)!

    p.s. Getting into the trunk won't do you any good if the battery in your keyless remote FOB is dead -- still can't start the car without a working electrified FOB. Or can you?

    p.p.s. In 5 years of owning CTSs, and several years of owing MBs with a similar feature, I've never had any reason to actually USE the fold-down rear seats. I'm sure some folks make use of them on occasion, but for most they're a waste of money.
    Judge, from one sort of old coot to another (who may consider having an eye test! LOL!), glad I could help you into your trunk!

    Re p.s. - Hmm.. I'm not sure about that one. The owner's manual explains how to start the vehicle with a "low" transmitter battery, by placing the transmitter in the center console storage area transmitter pocket with the buttons facing to the front of the vehicle. Not sure if that same procedure would work if the transmitter had a completely dead battery. Having said that I can't imagine the transmitter battery suddenly going to zero without some door unlocking /door opening issues or engine starting issues happening days or weeks before that.

    Re p.p.s - Actually my wife and I have used the fold-down rear seats several times in the '08, '09 & '11 CTS vehicles we've owned. It always involves shopping, and usually involves the longer items we've purchased. It seems whenever we visit IKEA the fold-down rear seats see action.

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    Re: How to Enter a CTS With a Dead Battery ? :(

    Good to be reminded about the low battery fix. I'm sure I've read that before but totally forgot about it as I've never been in that situation. Of course, if you can start the car, there's no reasons to try to get into the trunk through the back seat.

    I was wrong about the 2008 having the button -- seats were in fact like in the 2011, that is a cloth tab to pull. I was thinking of my 2006 CLS, which I'm pretty certain has a button to push or a tab to pull on the top of the back seat or on the deck behind it.

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    RAB. Down in the lower 48 we call it something different than shopping. From an old coot to another I can't recall the last time my wife and I went "shopping". But if something ever comes up I hope I remember the seats fold down.

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    Re: How to Enter a CTS With a Dead Battery ? :(

    It would have been nice if the OP had let us know how he resolved the problem.
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    I have a 2008 CTS and the drivers side manual lock will not turn. I remove the metal key out of the FOB and it won't even begin to turn the lock. It works fine on the glove box, pass thru lock etc. Does anyone have any ideas how to free that lock up so I can use it when my battery is dead like it is right now?

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    Re: How to Enter a CTS With a Dead Battery ? :(


    Welcome to the forum. It isn't necessary to double post here!

    It's not a common problem and what have you tried so far? Lube? etc? I'm wondering if door latch/lock has been replaced and not rekeyed? Good Luck, Marv

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