Lost 2 pistons in my ls6. Heads Etc is all fine, haven't pulled the pistons but upper wall is clean no scratches etc. Wanting more power but unsure which way to go with it. Idk if it would be better to rebuild my stock block or bump up to a 6.0. Intentions was a 6.0 block with Callie's rotating assembly etc. I have kooks longtubes, 226cc advanced heads, ls7 lifters and trays, lunati pushrods, btr springs and retainers, lunati 227/235 114 cam etc etc.

Been calling around looking for a used 6.0 bare block with no luck. Would it be worth building a stroker 6.0 or just rebuilding mine to a forged assembly and boosting it later?

I'm also looking for info on which oil pump to get, which timing chain, whether to run arp head bolts or just stockers, and wether I should run revshift motor mounts?
Lastly what about harmonic balancers? In the diesel scene we always ran ati balancers and keyed the cranks. Ls scene do the same also? Or you guys run a different brand. Thx