I replaced my stock shifter with a UUC last fall in hopes that the shift pattern would feel more "stiff". It was better but not totally to my liking. I followed the theads here about the motor mounts and transmision mounts and rear Diff bushing made by Revshift. I took the plunge and purchased the Blue motor mounts, Blue transmision mount and the blue rear diff bushing. I have started to build my own bushing removal tool ( haven't completed yet) but decided to put in the transmision mount anyway and inspect the motor mounts.

Motor mounts look like new (no discoloration or cracks or signs of leaking) going to run them for now due to the removal process looks too difficult just to due for state of mind,

I read all the threads I could find regarding installing the Revshift trans mount on this site and felt confidant I could do this job fairly easily and I did. The hardest part was jacking the car high enough to place my tall jack stands under the car.

Step 1: after car was sitting on jack stands I jacked the transmistion up until the car was being lifted too.
Step 2: greased the new mount on both sides with lub supplied with mount
Step 3: pushed mount in with hand (started it in square)
Step 4: Used large flat blade screw driveer and wedged blade between each of the (2) mounting bolts pointing forward towards the front of the car (on on each side of the trans mount) and pressed the screw diver forward thus pushing the new mount into the crosmember. The screw driver only gets you half way in
Step 5: used a 14" pipe wrench handle (its thicker and flat and won't bend) again placed the hole of the pipe wrench handle onto one of the mounting studs facing forward and pushed the wrench forward thus pressing the new bushing farther into the crosmember. repeat on the other side try keeping the progress equal on both sides. This will get you about 90% pressed in
Step 6: finish off by wedging the screw driver in the heat shield on the exhaust pipe pressing forward again pressing the bushing all the way in flush.

I complete this in less than 20 min. use constant force no slaming with hammer.

To car for test drive and feels like a different car. totally recomend the Revshift Transmision mount. The car even "feels" smoother at highway speeds