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The stock dual-mass flywheel will always clunk. So will both the stock two-piece driveshaft and the 2-piece aluminum/chromoly driveshaft that's included in the Creative Steel 8.8 kit. Either learn to accept some amount of clunk or pay the $4600 premium for a 8.8 kit with a one-piece carbon fiber driveshaft and $750 for a good single-disc clutch.
This post would lead people to believe that the 2 piece drive shaft that comes in our 8.8 kit could be the cause of a clunk. If one of you 8.8 guys with our kit has a clunk (that's got some humor all by itself) and even remotely think it could be the drive shaft call me right now, today. We will sort it out Two-Day.

The bolt torque on the diff bushings is of huge importance.