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Thanks. I spoke with DRT and they get the blanks from Centric and then they add the slots.

Did you get the normal rotors or get them cryo treated? +$90 seems cheap to do this for the pair, but it's half the price of a new pair of rotors. If they truly do last twice as long and hold up better, worth it but if track abuse and track pads are going to wear down rotors fast anyway...probably just might as well save the $90 and just buy another set of $207.90 rotors.

Did you happen to weigh the 2 rotors? Seems if they're about the same.
Stock front rotors weigh 25.8 lbs. Not sure on the rear, because I lost that measurement.

Based on my own measurements, the DRT slotted rotors weigh 1.4 lbs more in the front, and 0.6 lbs more in the back. Those weight deltas are conservative, because I measured the stock rotor weight after 25,000 miles.