Attached is an assortment of images that may help you design your own linkage bushings, if you choose to do so. Units are in millimeters.

High level overview - aft mounting rail slid forward to inspect UUC bushings

UUC and Creative Steel aft linkage bushing comparison - note the lack of a forward lip on the Creative Steel bushing

Aft linkage bushing OD (Creative Steel)

Linkage Rail OD

Aft mounting rail length

UUC bushing length

Another one of the UUC bushing length

UUC bushing lip diameter

Forward linkage bushing receiver length

Forward bushing length (Home Depot)

Forward linkage bushing ID (OEM)

Another one of the forward linkage bushing ID (OEM)

Forward linkage bushing length (OEM)

Forward linkage bushing ID (OEM) -- be careful, because this rubber bushing expands when the steel core is inserted