Oh see you are talking rwd 4 bangers. I know guys with boosted s2ks with 700hp totally awesome on the track and the road. I love those things... I was thinking fwd. 99% of 4 bangers are fwd. Some great cars are 4 pots with rwd, S2000, miatas, the new BRZ, old Celicas, etc etc but very few people have them in comparison to the standard econo box with a fart can. The big problem with doing mods to anything fwd is that the chassis can't handle the power. My cobalt was MUCH faster than the V I have in every aspect... Handling, straight line, stopping... It was even better than many other cars around at the track that should be faster. I would like to think that was because I was a better driver but I don't think it was. My main reason for the V was because a baby seat wouldn't fit in the cobalt. I wanted something that still had the potential to be fast and was large enough for the kid and all the shit that comes along when we take him anywhere. I would have got an RS4 but they were like $10k more than the V. So I'm working with what I got now. But yea... Money no option I would be driving a BMW m5 but that's not the case lol