Just purchased a fast 102 intake and fast 102 throttle body. Also got a Nos 150 wet shot kit. What fuel lines do I need to get? Please check out my mods and recommend what you think would be a good set of fuel lines. Preferably with a link if anyone knows where I can get a sale/ military discount etc new or used is fine! Gonna get a cold air intake as well (probably volant unless y'all have better recommendations. So expect a new dyno post in a month ( hopefully less )

Current mods.... PRC 227cc Heads, Tsunami Cam .654/.609 235/240 111 LSA, Mellings High performance oil pump, LS7 lifters, LS2 Timing chain, Texas Speed pushrods, racetronix 42# fuel injectors, comp cams trunian rocker arm upgrade, Kooks 1 7/8 headers, NO CATS, DMH electonic cutouts right after headers, B&M short throw shifter, Rick @ Synergy Motorsports dyno tune 420rwhp .