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Just curious. You are running stock injectors with this setup? I didn't see them on your parts list. What does it look like on the dyno?

I got a road tune from a programmer and it pulls really fn strong. I'm waiting until tunedbyfrost comes into town in August, and get him to tune my shit legit. I'll dyno after that when I can get up there.

Side note:
Sometimes I get a weird scenario when the car takes 3 "surges" to find idle. Like after pushing the clutch in, it dips below 800rpm, then over 1300rpm 3 times, then finds idle. I guess 102 TB's are notorious for being a little difficult to tune that out. It doesnt happen all the time, only sometimes.


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Now hold on there a minute, a six pack and meaningful conversation won't cover all this?
You better have some pretty badass stuff to talk about. lol