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Thread: Eforce Teaser

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    Re: Eforce Teaser

    Quote Originally Posted by jweymar View Post
    Some more pics, how do you put them in the body?
    Looking good! For future reference you just wrap image tags around the URL (the little picture icon in the tool bar) [IMG]f[/IMG] Where the letter f is the URL of your image.

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    Re: Eforce Teaser

    they are over essentially 670 RWT and 620 RWHP

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    Re: Eforce Teaser

    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetals View Post
    Glad to see you guys have a sense of humor.

    Modding a V, one had better have a good one................
    yeah, a sense of humor is also required when unraveling a poorly modded V, you know, one that got done real fast at a shop YOU like.

    I also need a sense of humor reading your disparaging comments about me...funny, I'm not laughing because you don't have a clue what you are you talking about.

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    Re: Eforce Teaser

    Nice job on the V!

    You are just pissed at me because I pointed out it took you over a year (18 months) to finish my buddies car, and he still has problems.

    As for shops that I like or don't like, you just threw that in to make yourself look better.

    "you know, one that got done real fast at a shop YOU like" (outright LIE and very pathetic swipe at me).

    As for "disparaging comments" about you, grow some thicker skin, I just tell the truth.

    I never said anything about you personally, just the way you do business.

    So you are good at correcting mistakes.

    Given enough time I would hope so!

    No shop has worked(MODDED) on my V so what's your point?

    My point?

    If you are gonna mod a V, you better have a second car to drive and you better have a sense of humor.

    Guys like me will bust your balls and you better be prepared for it.

    I also expect to eat their exhaust.

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    Aug 2006

    Re: Eforce Teaser

    Heavy is right that modding a V requires a 2nd car and a sense of humor.
    With bigger mods it also requires finding the right shop to do the work properly.
    I can certianly say RPM is the best shop that has worked on my V.
    It's the classic formula Time vs. Cost vs. Quality.
    Optomize for 2 at most; as you will never get all 3.
    RPM is definetly about quality.

    Heavy is a bit unique as he installs all his own mods.
    However, he does it more just to find an excuse to drive his second car.

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    Re: Eforce Teaser

    Rightly said, and Charlie did a great job both fixing Yesso's crap and problems, and going above and beyond to make sure things were right.

    I know Eldebrock was a major factor in getting it done, once the Supercharger was there and configured correctly by them CHarlie had it done in a couple weeks.

    And the car is freaking unbelievable.

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