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Thread: CTSV ordering

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    Re: CTSV ordering

    Quote Originally Posted by GNSCOTT
    OK, I got my order confirmation. It says TPW of 3-1-04. Is this a best guess delivery date? Thanks everyone. Oh yea..I like the name "Raven Black" for the exterior paint name and I got ebony interior.
    My salesman called me this morning and Estimated delivery to his door is March 6. I was hoping it would be in for my b-day but no biggie. It still may be as he said this date is 2 weeks plus or minus. I couldn't stand the thought of owning another Black car, so I chickened out and got the Silver.

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    Re: CTSV ordering

    TPW is (approximate) build date (and no I dont know what TPW stands for), from what I have been told by the dealer and Cadillac HQ.

    And yes delivery date is best guess for sure. I think a few days after my TPW date I'll be able to have a clearer idea - I'm going to find out if it's BUILT and sitting waiting for transport or what. I can see ~2-3 weeks transit (estmated 10-14 days by train, hold at local depot (unknown days), deliver by car carrier to local dealer 1 day.

    I really wasn't hot on black either (my current 12yo daily driver is also black/black and I swore never another like it), but the light silver didn't do much for me as I see this color all day long on every BMW and MBZ in the area. My quest began with a Regular CTS in Silver Smoke (Dark Grey) with Grey 2 tone Interior - fully loaded was $43k + fees. I REALLY did NOT want a Sunroof and if I had to order all the 1SC+NAV options ala carte so to speak I would be at $45k (without the sunroof). At $5k more I get all the bells and whistles of the V (again no roof!) and I don't think I could be happier.

    Two other notes...

    1. I REALLY dislike light shades of carpet in cars (the grey int CTS comes with grey carpet), so the black carpet (ok with a blk int) is a big plus to me (and yes I know I could have ordered a regular one with blk int but the grey was nice!).

    2. I live in San Francisco, city of hills, I swore up and down my daily driver had to be auto - I already have a sports car that is stick (occasional use only). So the WORST case senario I can't stand the stick for DD (daily driver)and I trade the CTSV in for regular CTS (auto and would then bite the bullet on the sunroof and get it). Not loosing much $ on this deal, as the CTSV should still be hot in 6-12 months *IF* I couldn't hang with stick on all these hills.



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