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I think it's very obvious that a stock CTS is not a V, but there are several things people do to make it look like a V...grills, bumpers, skirts, bigger wheels, debadge, get a V dual exhaust, etc.

I was so pissed when I saw a lowered black V way up in the distance on a highway and I politely fought traffic to reach him to then only look inside the wheels for 5 lugs and small brakes... and zero exhaust note. Poser. He wouldn't even look over, some punk kid. I dropped the hammer to let him know what a V sounds like (with headers ).
My inspiration to getting my V was this white diamond V I saw locally every day. It wasn't until after I purchased my V and did a bit more research that I noted the V was a six lug and never came in white diamond.

A poser is responsible for making me buy my V. LOL Now I make sure to downshift it near that car every time I pass it.