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Yeah, I think I'll be ordering a 95A RevShift diff bushing pretty soon here. The driveshaft carrier bushing is probably contributing to the problem, but at $900 to replace the driveshaft I think that will be one of the last things I replace.

It would be awesome if RevShift could get some sort of repair setup where you ship them your driveshaft and they put a new carrier bushing in it. Possibly a core exchange or something so that cars aren't down for weeks at a time.
Judging from that video, I say you order it ASAP. The longer you wait, the more damage the rest of the driveline suffers.

I've already replaced stock clutch/flywheel, this will be the 2nd time I replace the diff bushing now. Unfortunately the last step for me is the driveshaft. I get the feeling that the new diff bushing will help subdue the clunk but won't fix it entirely.

As much as I don't want to spend that much money, part of the problem is the stock driveshaft itself regardless if you manage to replace the bearing or not. The consensus is that it's a bastardized sloppy limp P.O.S and it will fail again. These stock parts were not designed for longevity on the V1, they were just made to get the car moving.

Stock Motor Mounts ∞ Stock Transmission Mount ∞ Stock Dual Mass Flywheel ∞ Stock Driveshaft ∞ Stock Differential Bushing ∞ Stock Rear Cradle Bushings ∞ Stock Axle Bars = CLUNK & WHEEL HOP

Eliminating all of these weak links will help reduce the nonsense. It's probably not going to be 100% perfect, but it's going to be the best thing short of getting a 9" or 8.8 conversion.

If all else fails, guess it's time to get a V2 haha!