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Thread: 1st gen cts v vs. 09 e63 amg

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    GDPossehl is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
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    Feb 2011
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    Re: 1st gen cts v vs. 09 e63 amg

    Those are the best times to cruise in the V.

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    After replacing a few of the "old man" parts on the car it's very fun to drive... Motor mounts, clutch, and some driveline components (bushings, coupler)... The car becomes much more nimble... Even better if you can find one slightly modded to avoid all the fun of installing this stuff. The car does have its weaknesses and as long as you're aware of them you'll be fine.

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    RyRidesMotoX is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
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    Re: 1st gen cts v vs. 09 e63 amg

    Quote Originally Posted by jcar302 View Post
    Odds are i'll put down just under 10k, so while it won't be an amg, my wallet will only be hurt a couple hundred a month, instead of $700.
    Yea plus the fact that they are expensive to maintain. My buddy has a SN95 5.0 and an AMG55. He was doing burnouts int he stang and wanted to show off with the benz. He blew the trans in the benz. It costs more than what he paid for the sn95 as a whole. He fixed the benz and put it up for sale. I still give him shit about how much of a dumbass he was for that lol... you don't do burnouts in a benz when you have a 5.0 stang sitting there. IF the mustang breaks, you can fix it with duck tape and tin foil.

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    catch2otwo is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Re: 1st gen cts v vs. 09 e63 amg

    If your ok with the lower quality interior compared to the euro counter parts, the V will be a very satisfying car. Pretty much what others have said already, once the shortcomings are fixed, its a very capable car. I would wait for a well modded, well taken car of V if I were in the market now. Ive seen 8.8 rear'd Vs with mm and other bushings already done for under 20k. good luck!

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    jcar302 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Feb 2007

    Re: 1st gen cts v vs. 09 e63 amg

    Many valid points here.
    Realistically i don't need to beat the crap of the car, my mustang setup is pretty tough so i really wouldn't need to pound the V on a daily basis.
    But i do enjoy relieving the tires of some of their extra rubber.

    I think the thing that bugged me the most about the amg was it's unwillingness to get sideways or get the rear lose, regardless of what you turned off, the computer still intervened.

    As for performance work already done, that's always a plus, but considering i'd like mileage around 50k and as of right now i can only see myself in black (maybe, just maybe i'll consider silver) i may have to deal with slim pickins locally.
    I also have unlimited access to a my buddy's dyno and performance shop, so cost to install things will be lunches, dinners and my own time.

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