Took the V (with 2 kids) up to Long Island from Virginia (and back) on Saturday. About 650 miles round trip. Some general observations:

(about 85 degrees and 3000% humidity, no rain. Premium fuel, 1400 miles on odo at start.)

1) Pure highway average gas mileage at about 75 mph: 22.8 mpg (per computer)

2) Overall average for the trip (miles divided by gallons, including traffic jams, etc): 20.5

3) Oil temp per gauge (car built 03/04, so I assume that the reflash is needed): 235-240 (I have never seen it exceed 250, but I have not spent a day at the track).

4) Water temp: 192-195 at cruise; as high as 208 in traffic

5) Tire pressure: with 30 psi cold in each tire, they maxed at 36 psi hot.

6) Oil pressure at cruise: 46-48 psi

7) Brake dust: Car started off spotless, wheels and fenders ending up quite dusty. All had fresh coats of wax.

8) Suspension: No FG2, but as the NY guys will likely agree the BQE (Brooklyn-queens expressway) was just painful. That's a notoriously bumpy urban highway, and the V is just not meant for that type of riding. Probably painful in any car, and it always rattled my interior loose in my mustangs. The V hit it very hard, but at the end of the trip there does not seem to be any rattles.

Aside from the BQE, the car was a comfortable highway cruiser. Periodically I needt to turn off the radio to make sure that, as the road surface changed and the LOUD tire noises changed pitch, that I did not blow the rear diff. So far, still quiet. Lots of cars were seemingly inviting to "play" on the interstates, but that was not an option with my cargo (and of course since it would be illegal. I might or might not even really been going 75 mph, since that might be interpreted as going above the posted speed limit).

On the way home I passed Bald Hill, where I hear that they sometime have cruise nights; I saw some "tuned" trucks and some japanese tuners hanging around (sat night at about 8:30); no other V's so I didn't stop.