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Thread: Homemade Jack Pucks

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    Homemade Jack Pucks

    Guys - I'm giving away my last set of these tomorrow, so I took a few pictures before they go. They're very easy to make yourself.

    Parts: (4) hockey pucks (any Michigan sporting goods store - you SoCal guys are out of luck), (4) 3" long, 1/4"-20 thread, 2" wide head spring loaded toggle bolts (Lowes), 4 3/4"washers, 4 lock washers.

    Tools - 3/4" spade bit, 1/4" standard bit, drill press or hand drill, tape, screw driver or ratchet - see below.

    Drill the pocket to about half the depth of the puck. (mark bit with tape to make them all the same) Do this outside unless you want the house to smell like burnouts. Finish the holes with the 1/4" bit. Thread bolts in. I smashed the tip of the threads on all 4 with a hammer to keep them from accidentally spinning off if I ever wanted to remove them.

    Feed the spring head into the oval holes in the support rails at the jacking points. Pull down as you tighten. I've had mine on the car for about a year now, and they're really nice for rotations and snow tire swaps. There's only about 5 1/2" of room to the ground on the fronts, and 7" or so on the rear. Check your jack clearance before you get too far.

    They will work on most GM cars, but I tried a set on my 02 Z28, and I didn't have enough clearance for the jack. The hole picture shown is on the wife's STS. The front pair sticks down far enough to see from across an empty parking lot if you look close, but it doesn't bother me. It may be an issue for some of you.

    Possible improvements would be to use hex bolts instead of the Phillips heads shown. It takes a stubby screwdriver as is. If you want to someday take them off, stainless hardware wouldn't hurt, or at least you should grease the threads before you put them on.

    Attached Images

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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    This is great! I lost one of the ones I got from a B(cough)M(gag)W catalog, and this looks really easy AND cheaper.

    Way to go!
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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    Very nice! I'm bookmarking this one. Thanks Man!

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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    This is cheap insurance to guaranteeing your jack will not slip off the rubber. I am using the expensive ones that were $35 almost 2 years ago.


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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    Good writeup. Might have to do this soon. It's good to have cheap mods to do to keep you from thinking about the expensive stuff for a little while.

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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    Posting the pics for my viewing needs:

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    Re: Homemade Jack Pucks

    Another, somewhat similar idea is to take a hockey puck and cut a long slot across it that allows it to seat up against the pinch weld. With the slotted style it wouldn't be installed on the car - you just put it on the seat of the floor jack so the flat seat of the jack doesn't crush the pinch weld.

    I've been meaning to do a set for a while, as I jack my car at the pinch weld (where the scissor jack is used to jack it). The seat of my small floor jack fits the pinch weld pretty well, but it's still gotten a bit bent out of shape after being jacked up that way a bazillion times.
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