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I have them around 32psi at the moment, still haven't taken anything out from Pocono. I got XL because the car is around 4k lbs. When I re-order I'll remember that, I couldn't find any solid details on whether to get XL so I got them due to the fact I knew the car was heavier.

I got them for handling not as a solution for the wheel hop, but it's good to finally get a little info on them. They did remarkably at the track, so I'm not sure what to say in that respect.

Note: I went to Michelin's site, Tire Rack, noone can tell me what the heck the difference is and what XL is actually FOR. The tires are sized for the car, I don't know too many SUVs that take a tire that size. If someone could find me an explanation that'd be great.

Anyhow, if someone wants to try regular Pilot Sports be my guest. I think they are $200 cheaper than the XLs.

These look fun, but not on Tire Rack.


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Has anyone tried slicks or racing (track) tires?
Here's some more info for you. The XL version is for increased weight, towing, or loading. It's OEM on the Mercedes S600, a 4700lb vehicle. And I hate to say this, but if your tire is a 100Y rated tire (says P245/45ZR18 100Y) on the tire, it's an "extended mobility"/reinforced tire [stiff sidewalls - almost runflat]! See image below (taken from Michelin's site):