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Thread: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    Quote Originally Posted by namsag
    Hey everyone, don't waste your time on the Silverstars. I bought some PIAA for my sons 03 civic and he got one knocked out. We replace the headlamp and put in a Silverstar. It was very yellow compared to the PIAA. They are not much better than the stockers. Plain ole PIAA superwhites make the Silverstars look like candles. Get some better PIAA's and you will have the best. They are expensive but no others really compare, except Hella or maybe Raybrig. I just bought some Nokya and they are pretty good and much less than the PIAA's. I have tried several and the big P's are still the best. You won't be sorry!
    I do agree that the Silverstar are brighter but still have a yellowish tint next to the V's HIDs.

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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    Are the Silverstars working out for you guys that put them in the fogs? I'm about to do it but don't want to melt anything.


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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    no melting, more light, more better!!!


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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    No issues with the Silverstars 9005. I've had them in since January without an issue.

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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    I went with the PIAA lamps as all my replacements! The Sylvania bulb doesn't come close to output or color..

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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    No melting............yet. You guys had better be sure that your stock harnesses can handle it, or else have fun getting under again and twisting and contorting to snip off old harnesses and connect new ones. We have superior headlights. Why install new fogs so they look closer to being "as cool" as the HIDs?

    I had weak headlightson the SHO. I replaced them with a higher wattage bulb. After frying 2 harnesses I went back to stock. But not before I did irreperable damage to the headlight switch. I was out in the Berkshires at 1AM on a back road when my steering column started smoking. I had to drive home with high beams only. The cop who pulled me over that night wasn't too thrilled. Neither was I.

    I ended up replacing the also weak fog lights with an entire new driving light(on the SHO, don't get excited). They were PIAAs. Excellent lighting system.

    I also installed the correct wattage PIAA Superlights on my Accord. They were noticably whiter, I guess brighter. But they blew out often. On mine, my brother's Altima and my parents car, they all had a short life. The Silverstars seem to have the same problem from those I have seen.

    3/4 of the problem is the lens or projector the bulb is diffusing light through. Bulbs are not a big improvement for a weak design.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Anyone swap out the foglights yet with Silverstars?

    I have been using SilverStart on my MDX for some time. The only issues I run into it, it seem that I need to replace them on average every two months. On my M5 I have put bulbs from They are very close matching my Xenons. I did not have them long enough to evaluate their longevity.


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