I think you guys with smoked sidemarkers might like this (not an ad...I just can't remove that stupid embedded tag):

These are 12 watt units. You have to specify the color when ordering. Expect to have to use a knife to trim down the edges of the contacts slightly to fit inside the CTS-V sidemarker base. By default, when the base is fully locked into the sidemarker, these LEDs will be oriented such that their light is projected forward and backward instead of straight up and down along the length of the sidemarker. If that bothers you like it bothered me, you can fix that by rotating the base just slightly so it begins to lock, then use two wraps of electrical tape to hold that setting.

Best 2011 194 LED found at eBay (7.5 watts through smoked sidemarker)

Best 2012 194 LED found on eBay (12 watts through smoked sidemarker... OSRAM FTW)

Please note that the exposure time on the following pictures makes these look about 50% brighter than they actually are. Which is why I included a video that'll help you judge a little better. The first couple of blinks are from the 12 watt side...and the last couple are from the old, 7.5 watt side.