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What would you guys recommend for a car lowered on ground control? As far as it can go down. I want wider tires that i can rotate all 4 corners. this cars See's track time 6 times a year about. I'm in the middle of the search function and found this so i thought i would ask.
I would recommend 255/40r18 (with an overall diameter of 26.03", compared to the stock O.D. of 26.68" --> a difference of only 2.44% from stock size) all around as the widest tire you could fit on a very low V without rubbing issues. I don't have personal experience with anything wider than 245s in the front, but I know a lot of guys who have run 255s. You could go down a sidewall series to a 265/35r18, but that size is 1.38" smaller in overall diameter and I think you would have rubbing in the front with that width of tire on a lowered V.