cadillac wreath Cadillac Seville

The Seville story begins around 1972 when Cadillac circulated a questionnaire among European import and Cadillac owners relating to the idea of a "smaller" Cadillac (The average length of a Cadillac then being 230 inches). The results showed there was a rationale for a Cadillac that could appeal to a younger, better educated, female, more upscale buyer. Cadillac dealers were also enthusiastic, voting 85 percent in favor of adding a smaller Cadillac designed to go head to head with the European imports.

The Seville name was derived from the province in Spain with the capital bearing the same name. Originally used on the coupe version of the 1956 to 1960 Eldorado, the Seville name was revived in 1975. Coincidentally, Seville was not the first choice but actually the third choice in name for the new Cadillac. Lasalle and St. Moritz were the first two choices but, Lasalle was discarded because of its association with the earlier Cadillac line which was dropped in 1940 and it was decided that St. Moritz was too hard to pronounce.

Cadillac Seville Lasalle

On the right is a photo of the fiberglass prototype for the Seville (LaSalle at the time). This model was completed June 26, 1973.

Next we have a clay rendition of the Seville (LaScala at the time) in a coupe and sedan format. This was completed September 1973.
Cadillac Seville LaScala Cadillac Seville LaScala
Cadillac Seville xbody LaSalle Finally we have the final fiberglass model using X body components and again bearing the LaSalle name. This model was completed June 5, 1974.