Special Edition Cadillac Eldorado ETC and Concept Hot Rod

Cadillac announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show that a Special Edition Eldorado Touring Coupe might be on the horizon thanks to Eldorado's transition to a new production facility.

Packaged in "Chrome Yellow" tri-coat paint, this Special Edition ETC sports an interior trimmed in carbon fiber on the instrument panel, center console and doors. The black perforated leather seats and door trim are accented in yellow. In addition, the Special Edition ETC stands on a set of 18-inch wheels and tires, which intensify the Eldorado's already bold styling. "The Eldorado has long been a car that made an expressive statement for its owner. The Special Edition ETC puts an exclamation point at the end of that statement," said John Smith, Cadillac general manager and General Motors vice president. "It is the Eldorado's move to the Lansing Craft Center in 2000 that provides us the flexibility to be creative and possibly produce a car like the Special Edition ETC."

In March, Cadillac will move production of the Eldorado from the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center, where it had been built for over a decade, to the Lansing Craft Center, which has long been a producer of GM specialty vehicles.

According to Tim Lee, GM Car Group manufacturing manager, the move was made to balance available facilities with market demand.

"We must continually assess our manufacturing capabilities in conjunction with our portfolio of products," Lee said. "The Detroit-Hamtramck plant will continue to build the new Cadillac DeVille and Seville as well as the Buick LeSabre. By separating the Eldorado production from the DeVille, Seville and LeSabre, GM can simplify the product mix, and achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies."

cadillac eldorado
cadillac eldorado

Since the 1930s, Southern California has been home to a cottage industry of hot rod builders. In tribute, Cadillac has transformed a 2000 Eldorado Touring Coupe (ETC) into a low-rider hot rod for the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

At the direction of Cadillac, the hot rod - dubbed EldoRODo - was created by a team of General Motors designers in collaboration with California Street Rods of Huntington Beach, Calif. "The EldoRODo is Cadillac's way of celebrating the creativity of the hot rod culture in Southern California," said John Smith, GM vice president and Cadillac general manager. "For years the flair of these vehicles has expressed personalities of the builder and driver, similar to what the Eldorado has done for its owner base over the past 50 years."

To ensure the EldoRODo driver always has the appropriate music for cruising, the hot rod is equipped with XM satellite radio. This premium digital sound system will be able to access as many as 100 stations, ranging from music to talk radio and events, and offer continuous uninterrupted service anywhere in the continental United States. Satellite radio will be available during the 2001 model year on the Cadillac Seville.

Designers gave the EldoRODo its aggressive hot rod stance by lowering the ETC to 49.6 inches from 53.6 inches tall. The design team began by "chopping" the roof 2 inches and "channeling," or lowering the chassis, an additional 2 inches. The windshield and rear window angles were "raked" approximately 10 degrees to meet the lowered roofline, while the side and quarter window openings were reduced in overall size.

Painted in "Ignite Orange," the hot rod uses classic styling cues on the exterior, including:

  • "Barreled" sheet metal over the sides
  • Full-length fender skirts covering the rear tires
  • Clean slit headlights and turn signals

Cadillac reached into the past for the hot rod's taillights. The slanted vertical taillights are lightly trimmed in chrome - a style used repeatedly by Cadillac in the 1970s and 1980s.

Goodyear (18-inch front and 19-inch rear) tires round out the hot rod look. The wheels are machined-styled "spun disks" with Cadillac's signature wreath and crest center caps.

Cadillac's 300-horsepower Northstar engine, standard on the ETC, will remain the powerplant for EldoRODo. GM's three-button OnStar system, which is also available on the production Eldorado, will take hot-rodding into the next century.

Carbon fiber interior trimplates replace the standard wood trim on the instrument panel, center console and door.

"Having spent some time in California, I realized very quickly that hot rod builders have an impact on the designs and applications of technology on production cars," said Steven Rosenblum, Eldorado brand manager. " We didn't want to miss the opportunity to have a little fun with one of our production cars that has always embodied the spirit and style of California." Eldorado continues to be the best-selling prestige luxury coupe in the United States and has the highest owner loyalty of any coupe in its segment.

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