cadillac logo Cadillac Allante

With the entrance of the Allante into the Cadillac line in 1987, the "New Spirit of Cadillac" was trumpeted throughout the world. The Allante was conceived in 1982 under the LTS (Luxury two seater) project and in 1983 a $600 million deal was struck with Pininfarina of Turin Italy to design and manufacture the bodies. General Motor's goal for the Allante was that it not be flamboyant, it was to be like a "Colonial house" with conservative, long-lasting good looks.

The name Italia and Callisto had been floated around, but in the end the name Allante was chosen. The word Allante is a invented word. It tested well in market studies and it imparted the international flavour Cadillac wanted people to envision.