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      Mallett CTS-V 004-V-05 427 C5-R, Penskes, Tubbed
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      1 6512 Mon March 16, 2009
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      Description: Mallett CTS-V, serial number 004-V-05. It is silver with black interior and has 26,491 miles currently. It has been serviced since new by Mallett Cars in Ohio and Lindsay Cadillac in Arlington, Virginia. It is complete with all build documentation, dyno sheets, original books, tools and service records which support the mileage. This vehicle was built from day one as a serial numbered, production Mallett car. It was never delivered, titled or driven as a regular Cadillac. It was ordered, built, invoiced and delivered directly from Mallett as a new vehicle. It is one of the earliest production Mallett CTS-V made available to the public. The cost of the conversion was $58,000 not including the cost of the car. The car was ordered by a friend of mine. I've owned it for 2 years and am the second owner. Engine Many Mallett production cars and conversions have the cam and head package on the stock LS6 engine. This car was built very differently. The engine is a custom 7.0 liter (427 cubic inch), completely hand built and assembled by Mallett. Iíve received many questions about what production street block is in this car. It is *not* based on a production street engine. It is a genuine C5R race unit with a billet reciprocating assembly. Moldex billet crank and rods, forged pistons, ported/polished heads, Mallett proprietary camshaft, Wilson composite intake, and custom ECU map. An auxiliary engine oil cooler was also installed along with a larger Griffin aluminum radiator. Castrol Syntec and K&N oil filter every 2k miles. C5R Engine upgrade - $15,000 Spark plug wire insulators Custom 4 core alum. Radiator - $725 Engine oil cooler, remote filter, fan - $1,460 ECU Tune $ 999 I have one dyno sheet showing 450rwhp@6000rpm. It did 476rwhp (560-570 crank bhp) after further ECU tuning through cats and while maintaining full emissions compliance on pump gas. According to Mallett, this setup has historically run 12.0@125mph on street tires. For testing or offroad purposes, this car could easily produce over 500rwhp with test pipes and a more aggressive tune. Exhaust D port T304 stainless steel long tube headers, Random Technologies catalytic converters, Mallett Corsa mufflers, 3 inch T304 stainless tubing elsewhere to polished Corsa tips. The exhaust sounds amazing. At idle, the very aggressive cam lope is audible. Itís hard to believe how good it sounds through catalytic converters. At cruising speed, it is very comfortable and quiet. Under full acceleration, it is one of the loudest street cars Iíve heard that will pass emissions in any state. The engine is a real, handbuilt race motor and definitely sounds like it. Long Tube D port SS headers - $1,946 Random Technology high flo cats. - $1,261 Mallett stainless mufflers - $1,299 Chassis/Suspension The car features a full Mallett suspension with heim jointed, adjustable rear control arms, custom front and rear swaybars and end links. Penske remote reservoir adjustable coilovers were a special option that is very rare on these cars. There is no rear axle hop under acceleration. The rear wheelwells are TUBBED 4 inches per Mallett specification. This is a very special Mallett option and is extremely rare. Another very rare option is 19x9fr and 19z12rr custom Mallett wheels by HRE. They were the first prototype set built by HRE specifically for the tubbed chassis on 004-V-05. On the rears you can see the welded seam on what started out as a 19x9 wheel. The tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE050A front and rear, sized 275/30-ZR19 and 305/30-ZR19 respectively. The original tires were Pirelli P Zeroes in the same sizes. I replaced them with the Potenza RE050A which is stock on the Porsche 997TT. The RE050A, although identical in size are in fact, 1 inch wider than the P Zero. I was not aware that a 305/30-ZR19 RE050A was actually wider than the same size P Zero. They do stick out from the rear fender, but there are no clearance issues with passengers up front. I was planning to switch back to the P Zero, but I never have passengers or luggage in the car so itís not an issue. The front tires are, in fact, identical in dimension to their P Zero counterparts and have no issues. Also, the RE050As have less than 2000 miles on them currently. Penske double adjustable remote reservoir coilovers Ė $4,550 Mini-tub Kit-$4500 Adjustable, tubular lower control arms with heim joints Custom swaybars/bushings Custom Mallett wheels by HRE -$ 4,200 The ride is not bad considering the hardware being used. It handles very flat and very neutral for the dimensions of the car. The turn in is very sharp and lateral grip is very high. Iíve seen 0.94 on the dashboard G meter. It is a very impressive package overall. The brakes are stock Brembo CTS-V with Mallett specific brake pads. They are in excellent shape and are very effective. There is no dead pedal travel and they are very easy to modulate. There is over 70% of pad material remaining both front and rear. Drivetrain The transmission is the stock Tremec T56. It has a Luk Pro Gold clutch with a Mallett short shifter kit. The transmission shifts and works perfectly with no issues. The clutch slave cylinder was updated to a C6Z06 unit at 22k miles. The rear differential was replaced by the dealer under warranty at 22k miles and was updated to the 2006 model. There are no issues with this differential and no noises. The 2006 Getrag unit is improved over the earlier design Luk Pro Gold clutch - $1,425 Exterior The silver paint and exterior are in excellent shape as the car has been garaged since day one. The body is totally stock CTS-V. Never driven in winter or in salt! There are 2 minor paint defects. One is a scratch 1/8th inch long on the front bumper. The other is a 1/16th inch scratch on the left rear part of the rocker panel. Both have been touched up and are only visible if you get about 6 inches away from the car. All trim and brightwork is in excellent condition. The driverís side front wheel has three scratches from a pothole, not a curb incident. These were touched up with the correct touch up paint. They are not visible from more than 12 inches away. The other wheels are perfect and untouched. It looks like a garaged car with 26k miles on it. It is not a brand new car but one that has been cared for properly by a very enthusiastic owner. Interior The interior is black and in excellent shape. There is no wear on the seats, steering wheel or shift knob. There is no wear on any buttons or controls on the dash board or door panels. The door panels, carpet, original mats and headliner are all in excellent shape. All features and electronics work as new. Dynamics The car starts up easily and idles well. It is definitely choppy as you would expect from an aggressive cam profile. It builds oil pressure very quickly. Hereís a startup and idle video. Here are two other videos after the car has warmed up a bit, listen carefully to the exhaust noise and idle. For offroad track and testing purposes, the car could be retuned without catalytic converters. This Katech Corvette has a similar cam and represents what the Mallett motor would sound like with test pipes. While cruising the car is not loud at all, in fact the exhaust note is very subdued. Mallett did a lot of brain damage designing this exhaust system and it is amazing. It is very quiet and refined at low speed with absolutely no resonance or boominess (if that is a word) at all. Once you increase the revs, the noise increases as well. At wide open throttle, it sounds like a Space Shuttle launch. And, to those of you who know what a real handbuilt engine sounds like, it is amazing. Hereís a brief run through 3 gears from the interior. Again, if you know what an engine built to a high specification feels and sounds like, youíll notice the quality of the sound. Also, youíll notice how quickly the engine spins up to 7000rpm and how quickly the tires break loose. A ďstockĒ production based engine does not rev that quickly and the power delivery is much different. This camshaft doesnít have any power below 2000 rpm and by 3000rpm it spikes to 350rwhp and then smoothly rises to 476rwhp at 6000rpm. It can catch you by surprise if youíre not expecting it. Hereís a clip from outside of the car. Notice how loud it is towards the end of the clip at 300feet away. This is another clip demonstrating the exhaust noise and volume in a tunnel. The video is shaky, but the sound is what should be focused on. It can be a little frightening to innocent bystanders to say the least. Once underway, the car is very lively. The power delivery is very abrupt and even the slightest nudge on the throttle will invoke the driverís aides. You can disable all of the electronics if you want to die quickly. Even with the tubbed rear, the very effective suspension and 305mm rear tires, it demands 100% complete concentration. Hereís a clip below shifting into 3rd at about 60-65mph. You will see the camera shake at 0:11 seconds which is a result of the rear tires breaking tractionÖin the dry, Ĺ throttle, with a 50 degree road temperature and at nearly 65mph!!! It is easy to break the tires loose at 80mph on very warm, dry roads, shifting into 3rd gear. 1st and 2nd require quite a bit of feathering at up to Ĺ throttle. This video is of a stock CTS-V from 140-160mph (0:25 secs to 0:52 sec) in about 26 seconds. This is the Mallett doing the same 140-160mph (0:06 secs to 0:13 secs) in about 7 seconds: The above video was recorded on private property using a trained professional driver. To assist in perspective, a buddy who was an IMSA GTP and SCCA Trans Am driver stated that this car really pulls and sounds like a race car. And, he expressed concern that this type of vehicle was available to people with no formal training. I wouldnít worry about that, especially if you have life insurance. I never took it to the track or abused it in anyway. I have a dedicated open track car that is much, much lighter. This was my street and weekend cruiser only. No hard launches to shock the drivetrain ever. The handling is amazing for the size of the car. The car transitions very well and turn in is super sharp. There is also an immense amount of lateral grip. The Penske dampers never get confused and feel better and better the faster you go. Again, this is not a 1540lbs Lotus Elan Sprint but it is very capable for its size. Itís obvious that a lot of chassis tuning went into this package. The brakes are excellent. My first thought before buying the car was to do a big brake kit. After driving the car for the first time on an extended road rally, I quickly ditched this idea. They are very effective, pedal feel is excellent and they donít exhibit any fade under enthusiastic street driving. This factory Brembo system is setup so well! This car causes quite a stir when it is driven. It is routine to have people follow you around and ask what has been done to it. Most people canít believe the sound. Cops, young girls, old women, and cocker spaniels cannot help but to turn around when they hear the car. At the cruise nights and car shows, it attracts attention. Most car people see the wheels and ride height, which make it obvious itís not a stock V. When they see the C5R 427, Penskes and mini tubs, they usually pass out. It looks completely stock otherwise and has all of the Cadillac amenities you would expect. I encourage viewing the car before the auction end in the Washington DC area. It is a used car, it is not museum perfect. It has been fanatically maintained and garaged since new but has not been stored in a climate controlled glass case. Expect a rock chip or two and some dust on the suspension. I have had zero problems with the car in the two years Iíve owned it. Iíve never owned a GM product before but am pleasantly shocked at how well made and reliable this car has been. It is too bad public perception is keeping GM products out of the limelight. Mallett is so closely tied to GM that their conversions are 100% emissions legal. They will pass a stringent tailpipe test in most states. Also, due to the closeness between the two companies, this car was covered under factory warranty (except for the modded parts) and is currently eligible for an extended warranty through any Cadillac dealer. It was an immense help to have been close to Lindsay Cadillac. They have a legendary reputation as one of the most V friendly dealerships in the country. I never thought I'd sell it, but I have two vintage cars that are in pieces that need attention.
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